• Heather Swift

The Rat Pack


Drug addicts are seen as rats in our society, scrounging, biting, poisonous and dis-eased ridden creatures, desperate for anything and everything. They are liars, cheats, thieves and arseholes, but who reading this can say they have never lied, cheated, stolen or acted like a dick at some point. I switch off the news, I know enough of what is going on, its run by liars, cheats, thieves and arseholes.

They are numb to what is around them and many of us are too. Some addicts are the mates in the pub, having a laugh and blasting money and time on wine, women and song. The gamblers, the sex addicts, the couch potatoes and the gym bunnies, all living within their own little worlds, using external fixes to numb their internal pain. As are the shopperholics, TV addicts and gossipers etc etc escaping their lives, wanting acceptance, love and compassion.

Addiction recovery isn’t about sobriety, it’s about having a place to feel safe and connected, to be supported, to have positive influences and to feel worthwhile. Why are we attacking the addicts, with this useless war against drugs, pushed by the pharmaceutical industry, consumerism and capitalism? We need schools and hospitals where people are safe, accepted and valued.

The NHS is run by business men deciding whose lives are more important, which lives are most valuable. 25 times more money is spent on research for cancer than mental health. Why is a cancer victim’s life more valuable than an addicts? Why should we help an addict when people are dying of dis-eases they didn’t ask for? An addict or any other person suffering with a mental health problem was once an innocent child, wanting to feel worthwhile, they have learnt negative coping mechanisms to cope with a harsh environment. Did they have a choice when no-one was there to show them otherwise?

If money was put into education, rehabs and community projects, instead of prisons, there would be less addicts in hospital beds. Education is about development and growth, so why is the money allocated to education used in schools to make them look like prisons, with the inmates numbered, regimented, monitored and under control? If the system works why is bullying and violence on the increase?

Resources are cut so drastically the staff and services can no longer cope. Charities are shut down because of lack of funding and crime and illness is on the increase. We are in the age of technology which is all about connections. We need to connect to feel safe and accepted, not rejected and abandoned.

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