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Getting to the core of what is wrong with us

We all have our own stories, but the script was shaped by our environment, the people, places, things, ideas and hopes enmeshed into our energy shaping our beliefs and patterns. We want to be happy, joyous and free but it is difficult to know what makes us feel free and happy, when we have never experienced it. We become addicted to escaping our fear, self-doubt, negative thinking and resentments. To escape these we mainly use, drugs (alcohol is a drug), food, people, money and technology.

When we have had enough of people telling us that we are the problem and have been given a little bit of hope and encouragement we have a chance to recreate a new life and recover what is at the core of our being. Love! We strip the layers of the onion and that is all that is left, like a magnificent bright white light, emitting bliss. Our reason to be in this world, so difficult to accept when we are bombarded by a fear based society. We realise how powerless we are and become powerful. We are not insane, but asleep to our inner world with a lot of difficult coping mechanisms that we developed as children. Our development was arrested, we are scared children who don’t know what to make of the world around us.

We take a long hard look at ourselves, what makes us act the way we do, how it impacts us and those around us. We change our behaviour, externally we learn to fit better into society. The internal journey goes much deeper, we have to learn to be alone with ourselves. Another can stand on the shore and be a lighthouse, but it is us that will have to carry the torch into the dark, unexplored caverns of our hearts and minds.

It’s scary excavating the recesses of our minds, we tunnel ourselves into to the darkest corners, remove the debris through the tunnels of horror and discover caverns of treasures within our heart. There are a few who will wait patiently at the rabbit hole and examine what we finding within us, helping us decide what we can toss away and that which we will keep, polish and shine. It is a slow cyclic process, we think we understand ourselves, then years later when the walls have weakened a new aspect is revealed. We have to have faith, that no matter how dark it may get, if we relax and breathe it will be easier.

With courage and light, find beauty.

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