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Heather is a brilliant coach as she doesn't enforce any beliefs or feelings upon you.  she doesn't make you feel like you need fixing. 

Heather opens your eyes to your own true potential and the things you could accomplish if you worked on your own self belief and not the expectations of society or others around you.

Chloe D, Yorkshire, UK


I'd just like to say from the start, thanks to Heather I now believe I can believe in me. 

                      The issues and labels that come with me include bi-polar, paranoid schizophrenia, acute anxiety and a few others that are invisible but mentally taxing.

                       With 15 years clean time as a recovering alcoholic and 6 years without gambling, my life, was to onlookers better than I could have hoped for but still I was left mentally battling hourly on a daily basis.

                         But as a result of being with Heather my thinking has completely changed around. I have new ways of looking at any given issues that arise and there have been some heavy emotions to handle over there past 4 years including my Beautiful Dad passing and my cousin and losing a historical child abuse case, neither of these things define me, they are events over which I had no control but through Heathers teachings I see everything with new hopeful eyes and attitudes. 

                          The toxic thought patterns I lived by for decades no longer rule my life. Thanks to Heather’s love, patience, insight and time.    

                            I cannot thank her enough and urge anyone blessed enough to come into contact with this amazing woman to use her coaching skills.

                           I am so happy, blessed and grateful that I do.

Karen W, Londonderry

Heather has helped me to tackle things with a different, but positive perspective when dealing with my anxieties and self-destructive thoughts.  The tools she has shared enable me to develop meditation and affirmations.  She is very welcoming and earnest, creating a relaxing, safe, non-judgemental environment, to begin a journey of healing and self-discovery.


Gemma H, Yorkshire.

I started my health battle several years ago and had to make many work and home life adjustments, I’ve struggled with bouts of depression… finding it difficult to switch off, relax and have a full night’s sleep… I woke every morning feeling like I’d just done a full day at work.

Heather was recommended to me by a friend and she has been a massive support… she has helped me to help myself by introducing me to various relaxation methods which I hadn’t thought of before and wouldn’t have known how to approach them.

I’m not the type of person who normally opens up or asks for help… I just try to muddle through somehow, but with Heather’s support I’ve discovered how to empower myself by looking at the issues from another perspective and using the mindfulness techniques I’ve learned... I still have some bad days but now I am more equipped to deal with them and don’t feel as alone as I use to.

If you’re looking for a down to earth non-judgemental and supportive coach, Heather is all these things and so much more... I would recommend her to anyone, she will help you and empower you so that you can support yourself, but she will also check up on you to make sure you’re ok.


Anne M, Lancashire

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