Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Struggling with change?

Want to build resilience?

Bring your life into balance and empower yourself?


I can help you to identify coping mechanisms that are working against you, heal old wounds and bring to life the real essence of who you are.


I am trained in education, life coaching, mental health, psychology, counseling, mindfulness, anatomy, and Reiki.  I am a professional and ethical healer, using a combination of modalities and intuition I support people who wish to transform their lives.

I support people who are overcoming pain, trauma, and addiction by helping them with building a new way to live.

I have worked through my own traumas with various therapists and am offering compassionate, heart-centered healing.

Heather Swift

Life Enhancer,

Spiritual Mentor, 

Holistic Healer and Teacher

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